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Switzerland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Mar 16, 2018 by Toni Reinhart

My husband, Bill, and I just got back from our 25th wedding anniversary celebration in Davos, Switzerland.  Luckily for me, I am married to a man that loves to travel, especially abroad.  Having something like this to share is such a blessing. Travel is not only fun for us, but it is good for our health.  Travel gives us so many benefits, especially because we tend to like active travel.  Our Switzerland trip was a ski trip.


Don’t just take my word for the benefits of travel, there is scientific proof.   Especially for traveling abroad:

  1. People who take at least an annual vacation have a lower risk of heart attack. A long-running Framingham heart study found men and women who traveled annually were less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease.
  2. Travel relieves stress. A study found that three days after vacation, travelers felt well-rested, less anxious, and in a better mood. And these improvements didn’t disappear when they returned home, they lasted for weeks afterward.
  3. Travel, especially foreign travel, enhances your creativity. Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, has authored a number of studies showing concrete links between international travel and increased creativity and cognition.  If you immerse yourself in the local culture, you get even more benefit.
  4. Travel lowers the risk of depression. A study from Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin shows a direct link between travel and decreased levels of depression.  In fact, even the planning for a trip helps lower the incidence of depression.  I know when we were planning our trip to Switzerland, the anticipation was a major part of the fun for us.

People who travel regularly live longer. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts brain health.

Don’t feel up to planning an international trip on your own?  There are so many options to choose from, but here are a couple designed especially for seniors:

  1. Road Scholar.  They have programs for all levels of activity and interests.  Travel and learn something new, from cooking to painting to rock climbing.
  2. Check out Transitions Abroad list of the best senior travel websites. They list the best from AARP, to Rick Steve’s to Road Scholar.

We will remember our wonderful trip to Switzerland for our anniversary for many years.  The people we met and the activities we shared enhance our life together and helps us enjoy our life together that much more.




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