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Companion Care from RUDY the Robot: An In-Home Automated Companion

We have partnered with INF Robotics Inc. of Fairfax Virginia to offer an automated in-home companion, RUDY, as a lower cost 24/7 companion care option for seniors to age in place. 

About INF Robotics

Voted one of the top 30 Robot start ups in the world, INF Robotics provides a patented, easy-to-use all in one companion care solution to make aging in place possible.

Founded under the principle of bringing to market a real solution that can help all those involved in the senior home care environment, RUDY provides companion care and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features of RUDY

1) Allow family members to remotely check in on their loved ones and move about their space using the robot while talking and seeing them

2) Promote daily well-being by reminding them of important appointments that are set remotely on a calendar and RUDY reminds them when it is time

3) Keep them mentally and physically active through conversation, dancing or playing a game

4) Connect the user to emergency services without the user having to remember to wear any device

More about RUDY

Download the RUDY Brochure

Read the INF Robotics Press Release on RUDY

Watch a Presentation on RUDY

Interested in RUDY?

Learn how to get your RUDY today, options available for short stays of 3 days up to longer term stays of 90 days.

Contact Us: Email or 703-435-2500


RUDY leases for $100/day short-term. There are long-term deals available to make RUDY more affordable. Each day includes 3 caregiver check-ins.

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